Are you looking to take Arts in FYJC (11th) and the list of colleges which provides Arts in Aurangabad?

Well, you are on the right page! We at Teach Us gather data from authentic sources to provide you with the list of best Arts Colleges in Aurangabad with their cut-offs and all other necessary information.

Here is the list of all the Arts colleges of Aurangabad with their individual cut-offs including all the major categories to take admission in FYJC

Note: The cut-offs provided are converted from marks to percentage for your better understanding and also the cut-offs displayed are of previous year

We wish you all the very best for getting the admission is the best possible Junior college and you excel in your career! Feel free to post your query in the comment section below, we'll try to address each one of it.

Cut-off Range (Open)
Rank College Name Cutoffs
Open OBC
01 Defence Career Jr College, Harsul Aurangabad (Marathi Medium)
73.4 0
02 Dnyan Prabodini Higher Secondary School,Chikalthana ,Tq & Dist Aurangabad 431007 (Marathi Medium)
63 0
03 Sir Sayyad Junior College Times Colony, Aurangabad. 431001 Tq & Dist Aurangabad (Urdu Medium)
59.2 0
04 Dr Rafiq Zakaria College For Women Jubli Park, Navkhanda , Aurangabad. 431001 Tq & Dist Aurangabad (Urdu Medium)
57.4 0
05 Fatema Girl'S Jr.College, Qaisar Colony Aurangabad. 431001 Tq & Dist Aurangabad (Urdu Medium)
55.8 0
06 A.K. Patel Marathi Jr College, Satara(Kh), Aurangabad (Marathi Medium)
55 0
07 Dr.Zakir Hussain Junior College, Shahaganj Aurangabad 431001 Dist.Aurangabad (Urdu Medium)
54.2 0
08 Maulana Azad College Of Arts,Science & Commerce Roza Bagh Aurangabad 431001, Tq & Dist Aurangabad (Urdu Medium)
53 0
09 New High School & Higher Secondary School Harsul Tq Aurangabad Dist Aurangabad (Marathi Medium)
51.4 36.8
10 Sant Meera Higher Secondery School N Three Cidco Aurangabad (Marathi Medium)
51.2 37.8
11 Navkar Jr College Of Arts Comm And Science, Mitmita, Aurangabad (Marathi Medium)
50.6 0
12 Iqra Boys' Jr College, New S T Colony, Aurangabad, Tq. Dist Aurangabad 431001 (Urdu Medium)
49.8 0
13 Al Madani Urdu Junior Collage Arts Commeres And Sci (Urdu Medium)
49.8 0
14 Aurangabad Public Jr. College (Marathi Medium)
49.2 0
15 Shri Shivaji Junior College,Khokadpura, Shivajinagar, Aurangabad 431001 Tq & Distaurangabad (Marathi Medium)
49 43.8
16 Moin Ul Uloom Higher Secondary School, Silk Mill Colony, Aurangabad 431010 (Urdu Medium)
47.8 0
17 Nirmal Jr. College , Harsul, N 11,Opp. Jail,Hudco,Aurangaba Tq & Dist Aurangabad 431008 (Marathi Medium)
46.4 0
18 P.D.Jawalkar Higher Secondary School,Sangramnagar, Satara Parisar Aurangabad (Marathi Medium)
43.4 0
19 Dr Sow I B P Mahavidyalaya Aurangabad (Marathi Medium)
43.4 41.2
20 Nalanda Junior College Of Arts & Commerce , Ramanagar, Aurangabad 431005 Tq & Dist.Aurangabad (Marathi Medium)
43.4 0
21 Habiba Jr College, Jaswantpura Ta Dist Aurangabad 431001 (Urdu Medium)
43.4 0
22 Maulana Azad Junior College, Town Hall, Aurangabad Dist.Aurangabad 431001 (Urdu Medium)
43.2 0
23 Bhartiya Hr.Sec.School ,N 11 Hudco Aurangabad Tq & Dist.Aurangabad 431003 (Marathi Medium)
43.2 0
24 Al Huda Urdu Juniior College, Baijipura (Urdu Medium)
42.6 0
25 New High School & Higher Secondary School Chikalthana Airport 431007 Tq Aurangabad Dist Aurangabad (Marathi Medium)
42.4 42.4
26 Nagsen Secondary And Higher Secondary School (Marathi Medium)
42.4 0
27 Smt Venutai Chavan Girls Higher Secondary School N 8 Cidco, Aurangabad Tq & Dist Aurangabad 431003 (Marathi Medium)
42.2 0
28 Vasantrao Naik Mahavidyalaya Chikalthana Road Aurangabad (Marathi Medium)
41.8 45.2
29 Jijamata Mahila'S Arts & Commerce Junior College ,Cidco, Gulmohar Colony Aurangabad.431003 Tq & Dist.Aurangabad (Marathi Medium)
41.8 0
30 Deogiri College ,Aurangabad 431005, Tq & Dist Aurangabad (Marathi Medium)
41.6 36.4
31 Shri Vyanktesh Junior College, N 02 , Thakare Nagar , Cidco 431006, Aurangabad. Tq & Dist.Aurangabad (Marathi Medium)
41.4 38
32 Govt.College Of Arts & Science, Aurangabad 431001 Dist Aurangabad (Marathi Medium)
41.4 0
33 Dharmveer Sambhaji Jr.College, Cidco N 5 (South) Aurangabad.431003 Tq & Dist.Aurangabad (Marathi Medium)
41.2 0
34 Late Kalavati Chavan Higher Secondary Vidyalaya,Satara Parisar, Aurangabad. 431010 Tq & Distaurangabad (Marathi Medium)
40.8 0
35 Shri Balaji Jr.College, Chikalthana Air Port, Tq.& Dist Aurangabad 431007 (Marathi Medium)
40.6 0
36 Dnyansagar Higher Secondary School,Hudco,N 13,Jatwada Road, Aurangabad 431003 (Marathi Medium)
40.4 0
37 Patel Jr. College , Shahanagar, Beed By Pass, Aurangabad 431010 (Marathi Medium)
40.4 0
38 Padmshri Vasantdada Patil Jr.College Vithal Nagar, N 2 Cidco, Aurangabad.431006 Tq & Dist.Aurangabad (Marathi Medium)
40.2 0
39 Pragati Higher Secondary School, Padegaon Tq Dist Aurangabad 431002 (Marathi Medium)
40.2 0
40 Nutan Bahuudheshiya Higher Secondary School ,Hudco,N 11 New Aurangabad Tq Dist Aurangabad 431003 (Marathi Medium)
39.8 0
41 Rashtriya Higher Secondary School (Marathi Medium)
39.6 0
42 Maulana Azad College Of Arts,Science & Commerce Roza Bagh Aurangabad 431001, Tq & Dist Aurangabad (Urdu Medium)
39.4 0
43 Renuka Higher Secondary Vidyalaya, Satara Parisar, Aurangabad 431010 (Marathi Medium)
39.2 0
44 Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj Junior College,Vivekanandnagar,Satara Parisar, Aurangabad. 431010 (Marathi Medium)
39 0
45 Jai Bhavani Vidya Mandir Jr.College, Jai Vishwa Bharati Colony , Aurangabad.431005 Tq & Dist.Aurangabad (Marathi Medium)
39 0
46 Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar Arts & Commerce College, Nagsen Vana Aurangabad 431002 Tq & Distaurangabad (Marathi Medium)
39 0
47 Parwati Girl'S Higher Secondary School Hudco, Aurangabad Tq & Dist.Aurangabad 431003 (Marathi Medium)
38.6 0
48 Sbes College Of Arts & Commerce Aurangabad 431001, Tq & Dist Aurangabad (Marathi Medium)
38.6 42.4
49 Sudhakarrao Naik Higher Secondary School, Hanumannagar, Garkheda Parisar, Aurangabad.431009 Tq & Dist.Aurangabad (Marathi Medium)
38.4 0
50 Qamer Urdu Junior College Rozabagh Muzaffar Nagar Aurangabad (Urdu Medium)
38.4 0
51 Shiv Chhatrapati Mahavidyalaya Cidco, N 3, Aurangabad.431003 Tq & Dist Aurangabad (Marathi Medium)
38.2 41.2
52 Milind College Of Arts Nagsen Vana, Aurangabad 431002 Tq & Dist Aurangabad (Marathi Medium)
38 0
53 Modern Girl'S Higher Secondary School , Garkheda, Aurangabad , Tq & Dist.Aurangabad 431009 (Marathi Medium)
38 0
54 S.N.D.T. Jr.College , Beed Bypass, Aurangabad 4310 Tq & Distaurangabad (Marathi Medium)
37.8 0
55 Hamidia Urdu Jr College Of Arts, Kiradpura Aurangabad 431001 (Urdu Medium)
37.6 0
56 Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Mahavidyalaya, Shivajinagar E Sector, Garkheda Parisar, Aurangabad 431009 (Marathi Medium)
37.6 0
57 Higher Secondary School ,Dewlai, Beed By Pass Road ,Aurangabad.431010 Tq & Dist Aurangabad (Marathi Medium)
37.6 48.8
58 Meharsingh Arts & Commerce Junior College , Aurangabad Tq & Dist Aurangabad 431005 (Marathi Medium)
37.6 0
59 Godavari Junior College, Hudco N 12, Aurangabad Tq & Dist.Aurangabad 431003 (Marathi Medium)
36.8 0
60 Indira Gandhi Urdu Girls Hr.Secondary School, Sabji Mandi Sillekhana, Tq,Dist.Aurangabad 431001 (Urdu Medium)
36.6 0
61 Indira Gandhi Girl'S Higher Secondary School Osmanpura, Shahanoorwadi Aurangabad.431005 Tq & Dist Aurangabad (Urdu Medium)
36.6 0
62 Talat Jr.Arts College, Kabadipura Tq & Dist.Aurangabad 431001 (Urdu Medium)
36.6 0
63 Govt.College Of Arts & Science, Aurangabad 431001 Dist Aurangabad (English Medium)
36.4 0
64 R Y P Urdu Junior College Of Arts And Science (Urdu Medium)
36.4 0
65 Vivekanand Arts Sardar Dalipsingh Commerce And Science College Aurangabad (Marathi Medium)
35.8 0
66 A.K. Patel Urdu Jr College, Satara(Kh), Aurangabad (Urdu Medium)
35.4 0
67 Shri Babanrao Dhakane Junior College Chikalthana Tq. & Dist.Aurangabad 431007 (Marathi Medium)
35.2 0


What is Aided College?

It’s a junior college receiving grant under the grant-in-aid code from the Government. Usually fees of which are least.

What is Un-aided College?

It’s a junior college not receiving grant under the grant-in-aid code from the Government. Usually fees of which are comparatively high.

What is self-finance college?

Where all expenses of the Higher Secondary School/Junior College, for any purpose whatsoever, are to be met with by the management itself. Fees of which are higher then Un-aided college.

What about Minority quota cut-off?

Admissions through minority quota are done by respective colleges and therefore there is no centralized admission process due to which we are unable to get those data.

What is HSVC/MCVC?

Unlike traditional courses like Commerce, Arts and Science; Minimum Competency and Vocational Course (MCVC) is two-year job oriented course focusing on making students job ready.

From where did you get the data?

This data is collected from SESD portals, analysed and presented by our team. We've converted marks into percentage by dividing all the cut-off marks by 500.

Cut-off marks represents which list?

Displayed cut-offs are the least of all 4 CAP rounds. For example, A college has 90% in 1st Merit list, 88% in 2nd Merit list and 88.5% in the 3rd one, we took 88% as a closing cut-off.

What are the official websites to apply for FYJC admissions online?

There are total six regions where FYJC admissions are done online through School Education and Sports Department (SESD) namely Mumbai metropolitan region (MMR), Pune, Nagpur, Nashik, Aurangabad and Amravati.

Here are the web-links for FYJC online admission -

MMR (Mumbai) -
Pune -
Nagpur -
Nashik -
Aurangabad -
Amravati -

When are the SSC results generally gets announced?

Generally it gets announced in the 1st week of June. In 2019, SSC results were announced on June 7.

What is the website to check SSC results online?

SSC results can be checked online with the below links -


When will the FYJC admission procedure start?

FYJC admission procedure will start immediately after the SSC results are declared.

What is Part 1 form of FYJC admission and when do we need to fill that?

Part 1 form needs to be filled immediately after the SSC results are being announced. It consists of basic information of any candidate like - Applicant’s name, mother’s name, date of birth, caste category, constitutional or special reservation etc.

All students from Std 11th Centralize online admission (CAP) area of Maharashtra State Board, must get approved their admission form part-1 from their respective school for the information.

Students should note that only after this approval, students are eligible to fill FYJC Part-2

What is Part 2 form of FYJC admission and when do we need to fill that?

Part 2 form needs to be filled generally 4-5 days after SSC results are announced. It is the next step of Part 1 form where a candidate needs to select list of colleges of their preference.

How many merit lists will be there for admission in FYJC?

Usually there are four Merit Lists. All the Merit Lists will be declared based on the merit, category and the order of preferences of the applicant.

Can we change our college preference in between two CAP rounds?

After the First Round, for every next round Applicant will be allowed to change their junior college preferences order or stream according to availability of seats, within the stipulated time given for each round. If any student does not change preferences, then preferences given for earlier round will be considered.

When will the college start?

Generally, it gets started at the end of 4th Round which is around last week of July or 1st week of August.

How many students are appearing for SSC exam 2019?

Around 17 Lakh students are appearing for SSC exam 2019 out of which 3.83 Lakhs are from Mumbai alone.

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